Ogh means journey in uruki tongue. It’s part of tribe’s life, because Snaga don’t have permanent home, as they migrate between summer and winter campsites to get better prey and conditions for living. Also by moving often they are not so easily found by enemies. On the other hand migration makes communication with other uruki tribes more difficult and they need  others  for trading,  planning  wars  and raiding. Communication  is maintained by  network  of stalkers, trackers and runners, who are able to travel long distances quickly and carry chieftain’s orders, tribe’s location and other important information.  For Snaga tribe ogh has also other meaning, when days are almost completely dark and everything except for grog is frozen, ushatari of Snaga embark on Traf  the journey into the frozen hills and darkest  forests,  leaving  rest  of  tribe  safely  in  winter  campsite.  They  take  unseen  paths  through Darkness,  facing  unspeakable  horrors,  white  cruelty  of  frost  and  silent  sleep  of  winter  itself  for measureless time until they find proper cave to shelter them. Inside they spread their fur and sit around the fire, smoking and cooking potion in a copper cauldron. As potion is brewed it goes from hand to hand, form mouth to mouth and with it talking stick goes as well, that allows ushatar to talk to the others, and tell about his dreams, plans, fears and other important matters that were and are going to be. When potion is finished and everything told, drums and Frumi, mighty spirits of nature, will talk to those who listen and carry ushatari into last dream of the year. In the morning entrance of the cave and everything outside is white with fresh snow, although the day before there was no sign of it, days start to get longer and darkness to fade as Frumi were pleased and allowed new things to happen.