Maukum means the fight in black tongue of uruki and is inseparable part of their identity. It’s their passion and curse, their life and their end, since the days when Dark Lord Morgoth twisted and tortured captive first elves ilidi into uruki, their minds are fighting themselves, as they are fighting literary everything.  All of Ushatari are always looking for good fight, great and small ones, they fight among themselves, many of nashary, the wives, are following them, if not armed for close combat, they are at least armed with bows, crossbows, throwing spears or slings. Uruki children, dagi are fighting from the day they are able to hold a stick.  The wiser among ushatari aren’t so easily overwhelmed by fighting madness, maybe because they realize and fear death more, and so they are more deceitful, smarter and careful. Knowing that they can ́t rely merely on brute force and bloodlust, they subdue others, weaker and dumber, for their purpose, sometimes uniting whole tribes into great armies, called ushataraki. Such armies have strict discipline  and  any  disobedience  is  brutally  punished,  on  their  way  through  the  lands  they  raid, destroy and burn anything they encounter. Larger armies even hold siege to fortified towns and strongholds.  Goal  of  this  raids  are  to  enlarge  their  territory,  plunder  anything  they  want,  food, supplies slaves vengeance, or sometimes just fight itself. Plunder is divided among the tribes and krual, chieftain of the tribe divides it among ushatari, and that is reason for more fighting among tribes and ushatari. Fighting almost always happens when tribe moves from place to place, mostly because ushatari are raiding homesteads and smaller farms for food and sometimes it goes wrong for them. Since uruki caravan  is  very  slow  and  it’s  hard  to  defend,  part of ushatari  arm  themselves  and  try  to  bring attention to them so the caravan is saved form their enemies. This is mostly done by smaller number of usharari, so they use hit-and-run tactics and traps to allow the caravan to escape to safety.