The foundation of the entire project are authentic photographs taken mostly outdoors, by our friend and  photographer  Cyril  “Cer”  Gaja.  First  photos  were taken  at  the  end of  2013  and  we  are  still working on it until now. Interesting locations in Moravia and date of shooting are selected specifically for each photographic series to enhance the atmosphere of the photos. Our favourite locations are in Moravian Karst and Highlands and we don’t visit them just for shooting, but we always stay there for few days and nights and living the camp life of the tribe. Sometimes we use spare time to work

together on our equipment. It is worth mentioning a few important details regarding the costumes and  equipment  in  the  photos.  These  are mostly  custom,  fully  functional products of  each  of  us, starting  with  basic  clothing,  combat  armour  and  weapons,  camping  equipment,  tents  and accessories. Costumes are not created for photo shooting, but we spend all the time outside whether it  is  just  weekend  camping  or  longer  hike.  Costumes  are  made  to  keep  you  comfy  through  all seasons, appearances are but secondary matter, we are concerned about functionality and durability of all our equipment. We use entirely natural materials and excluding the weight and the volume it’s comparable with modern outdoor equipment, if you know what material to use. There are three (four) portfolios with best photos and comments already released, with two (one) more are yet to come.