Snaga: One tribe Snaga: One tribe is a multi-genre story in which the world of creatures known to the humans as orcs comes to life. In their language, they call themselves Uruki and what you know about them so far is only a fraction of what is happening in their world. With our story you can look deeper into the life of Uruki tribe called Snaga. Its members will guide you through common life situations, closer to you their customs, rules and rituals of the tribe as if you were part of it. So if you like fantasy and you would like to take a look into the naturalistic side of that world, if you prefer the reality of the experience rather than of safety imagination, then it is One Tribe what you are looking for.
One Tribe project consists of photographic works, authentic music and digital art. These three elements are freely combined to create view of the One Tribe universe, which is presented to the outside world. The entire project will be concluded by an exhibition in the second half of 2017. News will emerge one by one on this website, as we finish different parts of the project work. There are also several additional texts about the people who prepare the entire project. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you are interested in our work. Check our FB for latest updates.




Akce pro rok 2016 – nadílka

Plakát: Konec roku bývá spojen s obdarováním a takovými těmi dobrými prožitky, aby se jedinec mohl těšit na nový rok a zapomněl…

Jak se dělal Kaushatar

Dunění bubnu utichlo, slova zaklínadel odvál vítr a ohništěm, kde plál posvátný oheň, již prorůstá nová tráva. Přesně tolik času…


První ukázka z chystaného alba pro Jeden kmen! První uveřejněná skladba z chystaného alba Ash Bajrak – Migul je zde!…